5 Jan: #1 Team-Building Challenge - Debrief (I) Class Reflection

Making reference to the 3 activities you participated this morning:
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • The Longest Line
  • All On Board
as a class, discuss...
  • What strengths did you observe in the class during the teambuilding activity?
  • How are these strengths important in helping your class to succeed?
  • What other ‘ingredients’ do you think is needed for a class to succeed as an effective team?
  • How can the class apply these ‘ingredients’ in its daily work? Which school value best fits what the team is trying to do?
Appoint one recorder who will take notes and post the collective responses in the blog (under Comments).


  1. when we dicussed,most of us said that they felt working as a team and completing our task was easy as we all helped one another and said that we all pitched in our own ideas to help out.we all also liked how we worked like a team as we all co-operated very well.some of us said that we argue to much and don`t get much done.we also said that some of our classmates are too shy to say their ideas.

  2. We cooperated and worked together as a team and we did the activities very fast. It was fun to work together and everyone played a part. We should be more organized and must have a proper assignment of roles.

  3. i felt that the ideas immediately came up but some were inusable and others preffered to to argue instead