Bridge Building Activity – Debrief: WAJIBB

-Our team collaboration was good. Although we argued about minor things,  we still got work done in the end.
-The bridge design worked well as all our combined ideas and effort made it a reality.
The Project Manager encouraged us to work faster
The Reporter made a report to tell the residents about the bridge
The Architects designed the bridge.
The Engineers built the bridge and made it a success 
-We could have argued less and listened to each others opinions 1 at a time so that we could have worked faster.
-We should manage our time better and co-operate with each other so as to complete our task on time

The bridge uses a pulley and lever system to move the  "drawbridge" up and down to allow ships and cars to move across respectively


Azeem, Bernard, Brandon, Iskandar, Javin, Wei Chern

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