Looi Wei Chern (S1-03)

4 Jan: #2 MacBridge Activity 1 – School Vision (II)

Let's think and describe...
How can we, as individuals, contribute to achieving the school vision?

You may present your thoughts using one of the following formats:

  • Image(s) – which should be accompanied by a few lines of description
  • Video clip (no longer than 30 seconds) – you should prepare a script before the actual video recording
You may explore the use of various effects when creating your product.
---Attached in my Video Clip---
Whatever I have said in the video is below:

To me, as an individual, can help to achieve the school's vision which is a globally connected institution of science and technology by firstly be connected with my classmates and teachers and be able to work well with them. I should also be 100% participated in whatever projects given to me and help whatever I can. Getting connected with my school's environment and neighbourhood is also part of being globally connected, achieving SST's vision! Making friends from other countries can also be another possibility.

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