• What are some of your observations about the environment and people?

  • the interchange and shopping centre was very busy and have many activities and old folk's homes there and maybe the children are not free and have to send them there and we feel dishearten.
  • there were not many people around, it's not that harmonic and have many old people and are the first few places where singapore started to expand and built flats.

  • What were some opportunities you think SST to would able to contribute to the community?

  • i think we can visit the old folks home and help them do chores to ease their lives.
  • people in the minds centre are disabled in different ways, and are less facilitated than andrews, even though they have more needs. maybe less people want to interact with them.
  • i was shocked seeing the minds centre was rundown and the condition of the people there. when my school organized a visiting to the old folks home, she helped to clean the house and was shocked to see the place which has spider webs, dusk covering the walls, the floor was black and there were lizards that the old folks stayed in and have limited necessities there.
  • there was a lady there who had difficulty to walk and used a walking stick.

what are the difficulties you will face if you help them ?

  • we may not have the ability to clean the place, as most of the time we have others to help us do our houseworks.
  • communication, as most of us may not be able to speak dialack, and maybe because they are impact in hearing or speaking, and our body gestures may be offensive to them.

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