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    Greetings from the Sports and Wellness Committee.  We are posting this to inform the class about what the S&W committee does and is going to do.
    Our vision, "Every Student is a winner", shows our faith to help students who are overweight or need help with their NAPFA.
    The leader of the S & W committee is Lucas, and the members are Bing Han,  Jin Hao, Nur Nadiah and Khim.  Our responsibilities are to help those who are overweight get into shape and the help those who are not so good at NAPFA.  We will also inform the class about sports related activities that are coming up.  Here is the latest news regarding S&W.

30 April (Friday) - annual track and field meet
May - SST inter house sports carnival
August - SST YOG sports challenge
November -  SST Inter house sports carnival 2

    For the YOG sports challenge, your suggestions for various sports will be appreciated.  However, these sports must include the involvement of parents or the whole family.
    If you have any inputs or comments to improve our committee or to improve S & W in whole, please write them in the comments section.

    Thank You

The S&W committee

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